Casting results for the Wielbark excavation

As result of the casting for the Wielbark excavation 12.7.-10.8.2014 the following applicants were successfull and take part in the ERASMUS-IP:

1    Lidia Ziąbka                              Archeologia I
2    Kamila Skowrońska                    Archeologia I
3    Joanna Koczur                          Archeologia II
4    Katarzyna Bryja                         Archeologia III
5    Zuzanna Aleksandra Skonieczna   Archeologia III
6    Alicja Ponichtera                       Archeologia III
7    Piotr Zdebski                            Archeologia IV
8    Hubert Brzóska                         Archeologia IV
9.   Kacper Kamiński                        Archeologia IV

Further i can annouce, that there are still 5 free places at the reserve list open to new applicants !

Jörg Kleemann